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Terms and Conditions (valid since 2014-12-25)

§ 1. Information about the owner of the Online Store

The owner of this website (hereafter: the Online Store) is DIGINET SEBASTIAN BÓJCZUK, Cicha 26, 83-000 Pruszcz Gdański POLAND. Tax identification number: 593-158-46-03,
telephone: +48 58 741 72 00, entered in the Central Register and Information on Economic Activity of the Republic of Poland kept by the Minister of the Economy
(hereafter: DIGINET Sebastian Bójczuk, the Seller).

Bank Account Numbers:
50 1020 5558 1111 1084 9030 0057 - PLN
30 1870 1045 2078 1000 2508 0003 - SWIFT NESBPLPW - USD
57 1870 1045 2078 1000 2508 0002 - SWIFT NESBPLPW - EURO

DIGINET Sebastian Bójczuk conducts retail sales via the Internet. Orders are received through the website domain: https://hpcontrol.uk

§ 2. Information about products, prices and promotions

2.1. All available in the Online Store products are completely brand new, without any legal and physical defects and they were legally placed on the Polish market.

2.2. All product prices in the Online Store are in Polish zlotys and they are gross prices. For every sold product a VAT invoice is issued. A VAT  invoice will be delivered to
the address specified by the customer.

2.3. The information presented on the website of the Online Store in particular, the prices are there for convenience only and do not constitute an offer of DIGINET
SEBASTIAN BÓJCZUK within the meaning of the Civil Code or regulations cannot be the basis for claims against DIGINET SEBASTIAN BÓJCZUK.

2.4. The customer before placing an order, in case of any doubts about product description and its technical data placed on the website, should contact DIGINET
SEBASTIAN BÓJCZUK to clarify the doubts and receive additional information.

2.5. The promotions available in the Online Store are not merged with one another. Before placing the order the customer should choose the type of promotion,
including promotional price or additional products and services offered within the promotional campaign.

§ 3. Placing the order, making the contract of sale

3.1. The orders placed in accordance with the conditions specified in the product description and in the Cart (delivery method, shipping price and payment method)
are processed in accordance with the conditions specified in the Cart after confirmation by DIGINET SEBASTIAN BÓJCZUK. For orders from foreign countries delivery
conditions (method, delivery company, costs) will be set individually (including the conditions of the shipper). In this case the Online Store will send new offer that
includes new terms of sale to the customer and the further process of new order will depend on the approval of these conditions by the customer.

3.2. The customer places the order through the scripts available on the websites of the Online Store, submits the offer to purchase specified product on conditions
specified in the product description and in the cart (hereafter: the Order)

3.3. The orders can be placed 24/7. The orders placed on weekdays after 16:00 on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays will be processed next weekday.

3.4. After placing the order, the customer receives email from the Online Store that specifies in particular the details concerning the Customer and the Order.
This message contains information about the Seller and return policy. This email does not stand for a confirmation of the purchase offer placed by the Customer,
in particular it does not stand for an agreement of sale between the Customer and DIGINET SEBASTIAN BÓJCZUK. The confirmation will be sent to the Customer
after it is verified and all conditions are accepted by the Online Store.

3.5. In the shortest possible time (but no longer than 3 weekdays) since the order has been placed regardless of receiving the message (mentioned in the paragraph 3
the customer will be contacted via telephone or email by DIGINET SEBASTIAN BÓJCZUK's worker in order to: confirm conclusion of the sale and purchase agreement,
including product price, availability, order completion date and other transaction details (hereafter: the Confirmation). The Confirmation stands for receiving the offer by
DIGINET SEBASTIAN BÓJCZUK to purchase the product by the Customer and it is conclusion of the sale and purchase agreement between the Customer and DIGINET
SEBASTIAN BÓJCZUK. However, when the Confirmation received by DIGINET SEBASTIAN BÓJCZUK's worker significantly changes the conditions of purchase offer,
the agreement is considered to be made and the Order is processed, if the Customer confirms new conditions included in the Confirmation via telephone or email;
alternatively it is possible that the Confirmation will not be sent within three weekdays. In this case DIGINET SEBASTIAN BÓJCZUK accepts the purchase offer on terms
submitted by the Customer


informs that the Order cannot be processed. DIGINET SEBASTIAN BÓJCZUK has the right to refuse to process the Order and deny conclusion of the sale and purchase
agreement, provided that it is impossible to process the Order, significantly difficult or it requires high costs.

3.6 Incomplete or incorrectly completed Order forms will not be processed and they do not stand for placing the Order and they do not oblige DIGINET SEBASTIAN BÓJCZUK
to take any actions.

3.7. The payment for the Order is done by the Customer in the way that was chosen during placing the Order.

3.8. The Order is processed after receiving full payment for it that was specified in the Order confirmation. If there is any underpayment the

Order process will be suspended. While choosing cash on delivery payment method the process does not require receiving full payment.

3.9. DIGINET SEBASTIAN BÓJCZUK makes every effort to process the Orders as fast as it is possible.

§ 4 Payments

4.1. There are the following payment methods:

a. Electronic money transfer

The purchaser pays the amount due via electronic money transfer for the Order issued by DIGINET SEBASTIAN BÓJCZUK via payu.pl* (secure 128-bit SSL connection).
The list of supported banks is visible during placing the Order and on payment page. The verification of electronic money transfer is done within a few hours (mostly during
the same day, max until the end the next day).

b. Payment via credit card

The purchaser pays the amount due via accounting center at payu.pl* (secure 128-bit SSL connection). The verification is done within 24 hours on weekdays.

c. Traditional money transfer

This option is for those whose bank account is not supported on payment page. It is possible to pay via traditional money transfer via payu.pl* or through individual money
transfer in one's bank. In order to pay this way, it is required to choose: "Prepaid" option in the cart and then send money to:

Bank Account Numbers:
50 1020 5558 1111 1084 9030 0057 - PLN
30 1870 1045 2078 1000 2508 0003 SWIFT/BIC: PBPBPLPW - USD
57 1870 1045 2078 1000 2508 0002 SWIFT/BIC: PBPBPLPW - EURO

The verification is done within 1-3 weekdays after placing order.

* Electronic payments are operated by PayU Inc. Company located in Poznan, Poland. It is the main receiver of money transfer (on the bank statement).

d. Cash on delivery

Cash only, to a person acting on behalf of the carrier that was chosen to deliver the ordered product (cash on delivery) or personal collection in

4.2. Payments can only be done by those who are allowed to use own credit cards.

4.3. In order to process the payment made by the Customer DIGINET SEBASTIAN BÓJCZUK passes the Customers the order form. All the data from the order form
is automatically forwarded to Payu.pl.

4.4 After accepting the order form and choosing payment method via Payu.pl the Customer is automatically redirected to:

a. Payments done with a credit card - accounting center at Payu.pl website,

b. Payments done via electronic money transfer - Payu.pl bank website,

c. Payments done via traditional money transfer - Payu.pl website.

4.5. In order to make payment the Customer should confirm making payment on the website of particular Payu.pl partner in accordance with the principles set by this
Partner. In case of making any changes in the order form available on these webpages and automatically filled by Payu.pl the payment might not be processed. 

4.6. DIGINET SEBASTIAN BÓJCZUK reserves the right to restrict payment method for particular products by turning down some of the above mentioned payment methods.

4.7. Money transfer costs, commissions and bank, post office charges must be covered by the Customer (including money transfer from abroad). In case of
not paying the entire sum for the product DIGINET SEBASTIAN BÓJCZUK suspends the order process until the rest of payment is received.

§ 5. Shipping and delivery

5.1. Delivery time takes no longer than 30 days since the day of the agreement. The time of receiving the shipment stands for the time to complete the order plus the time
of shipping set by the delivery company; mostly the parcel arrives next weekday after the day the payment is booked on DIGINET SEBASTIAN BÓJCZUK bank account
(the time should not be longer than 5 days).

5.2. The ordered products will be shipped to the address indicated by the Customer while placing the Order or while confirming the placed Order by
DIGINET SEBASTIAN BÓJCZUK's worker. For correct shipping process the Customer is obliged to provide correct personal data and telephone number that will be shared
with the delivery company in order to arrange delivery time. In case there is wrong telephone number and personal data the costs of reshipping are covered by the Customer.
Another shipment is possible after paying for it in advance. In this case the Customer will be contacted by DIGINET SEBASTIAN BÓJCZUK's worker.

5.3. The ordered product is delivered by a courier company. The Customer covers costs of shipping that are specified in Shipping and Payment tab at https://hpcontrol.uk and
finally selected in the Cart by the Customer. Shipping costs depend on the Order value, chosen payment method and the way of delivery of the Product. Shipping cost information
is displayed while placing the Order in the Cart. These costs are only valid for deliveries on the Polish territory. Current delivery costs are visible in the Cart when placing the Order.
The conditions of shipping abroad are set individually.

5.4. At the time of receiving the parcel, the Customer, in the presence of a representative of courier a company, is obliged to verify if there is any external damage on the parcel
(torn adhesive tape or damaged box). If so, the Customer is obliged to refuse receiving the parcel. However, if the Customer decides to receive it, the Customer, in the presence
of a representative of a courier company, is obliged to compile the act of damage.

5.5. Every delivery must be confirmed by a signature. The signature confirms that the content of the parcel has been properly delivered. From the moment the Customer receives
the parcel the Customer is responsible for the ordered products.

5.6. DIGINET SEBASTIAN BÓJCZUK is not responsible for mistakes made by the Customer while placing the Order, which resulted in not receiving the parcel or unjustified
refusal of receiving it. The costs of reshipping are covered by the Customer.

§ 6. Warranty, return policy, withdrawal from the contract 

In order to avoid any doubt, it is stated that any Term and Condition written here does not restrict the Customer's rights regulated by the law on Polish territory. In case there exists
such regulation then Polish law is applied: The Consumer Rights Act 30 May 2014 (Law Gazette 24 June 2014, section 827), The Civil Code 23 April 1964. The Civil Code
(Law Gazette 1964 no. 16 section 93, with further changes).

6.1. Warranty and return policy

6.1.1. The Products may have manufacturer/importer/seller warranty that is valid on territory of Republic of Poland. The warranty time of every product is written in its description
on the website. Warranty details are defined in printed version of warranty issued by guarantor. Most products have warranty processed by DIGINET Sebastian Bójczuk. 
In other cases there is attached information about warranty details.

6.1.2. The repaired product is shipped to the Customer and the Customer is obliged to cover the costs of shipping. Product warranty does not restrict any buyer's rights under
the warranty for defects in the product.

6.1.3. The Seller is responsible for all defects in products under the law. In the case of the sale of non-consumer sale there are no regulations of the warranty that are included
in the Civil Code.

6.1.4. Claims under the warranty can be submitted via email info@hpcontrol.uk or in a written form to the Seller's address. The costs of shipping must be covered by the Customer.

6.1.5. The customer has the right to lower the price or withdraw from the contract, unless the Seller immediately replaces defective product with the one that is free of defects or
removes the defect. This restriction does not apply when the product was already replaced or repaired by the Seller or the Seller did not replace the product with the proper one
free of any defects or no defects were removed.

6.1.6. The Seller recognizes a claim under the warranty within 14 days from the date the product was received in the right form. If the Seller does not comply with the demands
of the customer within 14 days, it means that the Seller considers the request to be justified. In each of above mentioned cases when the realization of customer's requests is
associated with the delivery of new or repaired product the costs are covered by the Seller. 

6.2. Withdrawal from the contract

6.2.1. In accordance with the Consumer Rights Act 30 May 2014 (Law Gazette 24 June 2014, section 827), the Customer being a natural person, who concludes an agreement with
the entrepreneur that is not directly related to economic or professional activity, that concluded an agreement from remote location and outside enterprise location has the right to
withdraw from this contract within 14 days without giving any reason and at no cost. If the Customer chose the way of the Product delivery other than the cheapest shipping option
offered by the Seller, then the Seller is obliged to return the Customer expenses to the amount corresponding to the cheapest shipping option available at the time of placing the Order.

6.2.2. The withdrawal period will expire after 14 days from the day on which the Customer acquires, or a third party other than the carrier and indicated by the Customer acquires,
physical possession of the Product.

6.2.3. To exercise the right of withdrawal, the Customer should contact the Seller about made decision. The Customer can use the declaration form of withdrawal from the contract.
Using the declaration form is not mandatory.

6.2.4. In case when the Customer paid by cash, it is suggested that the declaration form of withdrawal from the contract should include bank account number where money
will be transferred.

6.2.5. Withdrawal from the contract may be applied to all the Products ordered or their parts.

6.2.6. To meet the deadline of withdrawal from the contract it is only required to send the declaration form of withdrawal from the contract before the withdrawal period expires.

6.2.7. The Seller provides the possibility of submission of the declaration form of withdrawal from the contract by the Customer via email: info@hpcontrol.uk fax: +48 58 741 72 23
or send to: DIGINET Sebastian Bójczuk, Cicha 26 83-000, Pruszcz Gdański POLAND - suggested annotation "Withdrawal from the contract". The Seller immediately sends
email confirming that the letter was received.

6.2.8. In case of withdrawal from the contract that is described above purchase agreement is considered not to be made.

6.2.9. The Seller, not later than 14 days from the day that withdrawal from the contract was received, reimburses to the Customer all payments received from the Customer
including the costs of delivery (subject to point 6.2.1.). The Seller can suspend reimbursement until the Product is received back. 

6.2.10 The Customer covers all costs of returning things as withdrawal from the contract i.e. costs of packing and shipping.

6.2.11. The Seller reimburses by the same means that were used by the Customer for the initial transaction. In case the Customer paid for the Product on delivery,
the Customer should accept to receive the money on bank account included in the declaration form of withdrawal from the contract.

6.2.12. The Customer is obliged to return the Product to the Seller immediately, but not later than 14 days from the day of withdrawal from the contract. The deadline is met
if the Customer sends back the Product before the period of 14 days has expired. The Product that is returned by the Customer should contain all the accessories and
documents issued at the moment of sale to address: DIGINET Sebastian Bójczuk, Cicha 26, 83-000 Pruszcz Gdański POLAND. The Product should be returned with all benefits
and bonuses that were given to the Customer while making purchase.

6.2.13. The Customer is responsible for reducing the value of the Product by using it beyond the way it is meant to be used. For instance: dirty product, mounting markings etc.
lack of original box, equipment, accessories and documentation. The Seller has a right to charge the Customer additional costs because of reducing the value of the Product.

6.2.14. The Customer does not have any right to withdraw from the contract when (I) the subject is audiovisual recordings or computer programs delivered in a sealed package
and the package was open after delivery, (II)  the agreement concerns newspaper delivery, except subscription.

§ 7. Personal Data

7.1. The Administrator of the Online Store Customers' Personal Data is DIGINET SEBASTIAN BÓJCZUK in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act 29 August 1997
(Law Gazette 2002 no. 101 section 926, with further changes).

7.2. The Customer during registration process submits personal data freely.

7.3. DIGINET SEBASTIAN BÓJCZUK processes the Customer personal data in order to process the order (sending emails with information about the Order status).
Submission of personal data by the Customer is done freely, but necessary to process the order. The Customer personal data is shared with other parties like courier companies,
payment operators only for the purpose to process the order.

7.4. The Customer has a right to update, refuse processing or removing personal data. If this data is incomplete, out of date, false or it was collected with violation of the law.
The Customer other rights and responsibilities are described in Law Gazette 2002 no. 101 section 926, with further changes

7.5. The details of Privacy Policy can be found at https://hpcontrol.uk

§ 8. Other terms

8.1. DIGINET SEBASTIAN BÓJCZUK is not responsible for breaks while using the Online Store caused by server crashes, maintenance etc.

8.2. Current Terms and Conditions are published at https://hpcontrol.uk and delivered for free via email to the Customer on demand.

8.3. DIGINET SEBASTIAN BÓJCZUK has a right to make changes in the content of these Terms and Conditions at any time. The changes will be applied 30 days after new
Terms and Conditions are published in the way indicated in paragraph 8.2. Every customer has a right to delete the account if the new changes introduced in Terms and Conditions
are not satisfactory.

Attachment no. 1 Model withdrawal form


Model withdrawal form

(this form should be completed and returned in case of withdrawal from the contract)







DIGINET Sebastian Bójczuk

Cicha 26, 83-000 Pruszcz Gdański

 I/We (*) would like to withdraw from the purchase agreement of the following products:


Order date: (*)


Order receive date: (*)


Customer name and surname:


Customer address:


Please return the money to the following bank account number / the following way (*)


Signature (only in paper version)


Date, Place:


(*) – Delete as appropriate.


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